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Race Course Measurement and USATF Certification

USATF certification will professionalize your event. Ambco measures your race route in accordance with USA Track & Field specifications. This means your race distance is accurate - your runners can be confident they really did run the advertised distance. Your certified racecourse also makes all performances run in your race eligible for recognition as USATF records. This is an added benefit you can provide your race participants. A course certification is good for 10 years, provided there are no changes in the racecourse route during this time.

We measure your race route using a bike with a USATF approved Jones Counter. Your course is measured using the shortest possible route a runner could take. Sometimes this means riding the bike into and across traffic on the streets involved in your route. As a result, the measurement usually takes place when traffic is hopefully scant or non-existent, depending on your route. Scheduling of the actual day when the measurement will take place is based on all of these factors. You do not have to be present for the course measurement.

To get your course certified, we have you fill out a form with the required information needed such as:

  • Date

  • Distance

  • Location - city, neighborhood, etc.

  • Play by play of proposed race route - street by street, turn by turn

  • Description of where runners will run i.e. on the left shoulder, right shoulder, whole road, half the road?

  • Any fixed points - i.e. does either the start or finish have to be in an exact spot or can they be moved?

Once we have this information, we prepare a preliminary map for you to review. Once approved, a target week for the measurement will be set up. When the measurement is complete, we prepare all necessary paperwork and submit it to USATF to obtain your official certificate. 

With your course certification you receive the following:

  • Official USATF Course Certificate

  • Detailed course map showing the location of all mile marks

  • Listing of your course at as a certified race course

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